Issue 3 | Autumn 2023

New work by Abe Dunovits, Manuel Iris, Juan Garrido Salgado, and more…


Thank you so much to everyone who submitted work for our fourth issue. We will open submissions again next year. Stay tuned!

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‘Creating eases dislocation, helps us process emotions, and shifts our thinking patterns.’
‘Sometimes melodies come in dreams, and I wake up singing … Spontaneity is very important. Something spontaneous is truthful, real, fresh and human.’
‘The poet’s challenge is to not turn into a pure activist, but to recreate the language of reality.’
Silvia is one of our interviewers and is helping us with social media. She’s an emerging writer who loves poetry.
César is our poetry translator and one of our interviewers. He thinks Puentes should have an issue that’s all about good food and recipes.
Fernanda is Puentes’ proofreader and voice of reason. She reminds us to keep things short and to the point, and to celebrate and promote everything we do regularly. She challenges us and helps us make Puentes better all the time.
‘Poetry is an act of love, and just like love, it is also a human right. ‘
Musician, poet and actor Christian Ravello talks about childhood memories, a life-changing trip to Chile, rock latino and the film Here Out West.
Growing up, the country was an idea in my head, but not the one I knew when I went there. It was like sort of looking at a city in a strange new way, yet understanding things such as the way people talk, act and behave.
In my work, I prefer to locate my sensibilities as contextual, something related to culture, time, and place rather than identity. I am interested in how ideas get corrupted, how certain figures corrode with time.
‘Gender equity does not start at university or when you graduate; it starts when you are born and we need books to help us understand this.’
‘Writing this book was hard. Some stories made me cry even before I began writing them simply because of the research I had to do.’