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Interview with Suzanne Hermanoczki

Growing up, the country was an idea in my head, but not the one I knew when I went there. It was like sort of looking at a city in a strange new way, yet understanding things such as the way people talk, act and behave.

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Diego Ramirez

Diego Ramírez

In my work, I prefer to locate my sensibilities as contextual, something related to culture, time, and place rather than identity. I am interested in how ideas get corrupted, how certain figures corrode with time.

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Erika Deery Millie Books

Erika Deery

‘Gender equity does not start at university or when you graduate; it starts when you are born and we need books to help us understand this.’

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Natalia Figueroa Barroso

Uruguayan-Australian writer Natalia Figueroa Barroso talks with Puentes Review about family, writing in Spanglish and why she won’t be happy until there is more Afro-Latinx and Indigenous Latinx representation on the screen.

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Beatriz Copello

Poet and journalist Beatriz Copello talks about her first impressions of Australia and her latest poetry collection Witches, Women & Words.

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Caro Duca

Theatre maker, producer and arts manager Caro Duca founded Teatro Latinx Perth now Espacio Latinx Perth to bring together the Latinx community in Western Australia.

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Daniel Sacchero

Argentinian-born photographer and poet Daniel Sacchero remembers his childhood in Argentina and talks about his first poetry collection, Distancia Cero.

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