Whirlpool, (noun) 
1. A quick rotating mass of water into which objects may be drawn, typically caused by the meeting of conflicting currents. 
2. A magnetic force by which something may be engulfed.

Many things inspired Whirlpool, including some of Haruki Murakami’s writings.

In this painting, I was interested in reflecting Murakami’s surrealistic and chaotic stories through the different elements depicted in the painting.

My emphasis was on aquatic elements as these are representative of our unconscious mind. 

There’s also a hummingbird, to symbolise resilience and hope during challenging times. 

The bee reminds us that we can do the hard work and combine it with the things we love. It also reminds us to focus our attention on the goals we want to attain. 

The pen (Murakami’s tool to express himself), is, after all, what we inherited from him—his words.

Whirlpool, watercolours and ink on watercolour textured paper.  

By Flor Ferraco

Issue 3 | Autumn 2023

Flor Ferraco is an artist, actor, and an HCPC-registered art therapist. She uses different mediums to paint on almost any surface. Everything in her work has a meaning and there are hidden elements in each piece, interweaving elements of sacred geometry and symbology.  She’s particularly interested in the benefits of working creatively and how the process can affect or influence people, their relationships and lives. Flor uses artistic and dramatic forms to create a space to heal, express, and process different emotions. Find out more at www.florferraco.com or on Instagram @FlorFerracoArtist.

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