Los restos del ayer

La luna que brilla, fuerte en el cielo
alumbra la noche el canto del andar.
En un casete viejo se escucha esa canción,
que me ilumina el rumbo del andén.

Las murgas* y su canto, en los niños renacen,
rompen las fronteras del mapa de papel.
Esa magia de las bombitas amarillas
transmuta en la luna la sombra de mis pies.

Los mares dividen, destinos distintos
agigantan la angustia, se parte el corazón.
Un viejo facón, viajante en avión,
mi herencia al nacer, se refugia en su piel.

Envejece la diáspora, vidas que se van,
hijos y nietos recuperan sus memorias.
Historias divididas, entretejidas,
recuerdos de los restos del ayer.

The Remains of Yesterday

The moon that shines bright in the sky
illuminates the night, the melody of our steps.
On an old cassette, we hear that song
casting a light of the platform’s trajectory.

The murgas and their singing, reborn with every child,
break the borders of maps made of paper.
The magic of the yellow light bulbs
transmutes my feet’s shadow onto the moon.

The seas divide, divergent destinies
the anguish swells, the heart snaps.
An old facón knife that has travelled on a plane
my inheritance at birth, takes refuge in its sheath.

The diaspora ages, lives now gone,
children and grandchildren reclaim their memories
Stories divided, intertwined,
memories of the remains of yesterday

Iván Amaro is an Australian-Uruguayan singer-songwriter and playwright, with a passion for traditional Uruguayan musical theatre and Afro-Uruguayan expression. He has extensive experience in the murga genre, working as a project manager, writer, actor and singer for the group Es Lo Que Hay. He was also a drummer, actor, singer and organising committee member of Comparsa Urumbe, a candombe group. Born in Fairfield, New South Wales, he lived in Uruguay for three years in the late-1980s with his family. Iván leans to writing in Spanish, with his lyrics and themes focusing on the migrant experience and everyday observations. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Linguistics with a focus on Spanish/English Interpreting, as well as a Graduate Certificate in Social Change and Development. You can find him on Twitter @iamaro

Translation into English by Iván Amaro.

* Murga is a popular artform in Uruguay and its Carnaval. Murgas sing using satire, poetry, and comedy to reflect everyday life.

By Iván Amaro

Issue 3 | Autumn 2023

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