To whom if not to you (translation)

Transgressor to whom if not to you I write words born

with wings, poems that fly like I do in my dreams

they go in search of yours, they have not been written with ink

but with my fingers on the keyboard of my computer

my rational impulses and the crazy ones move

from my mind to my hands, intuitions float in my surroundings

and my heart escapes shouting to be free, but it is not

my heart is chained to frontiers, to identities, to consciousnesses, ignoring

the fruitless reality it protects itself, building a wall

of syllogisms that do not explain the creative force

that moves us and guides us to sense profound feelings

we praise and give ourselves to that force in a platonic maelstrom

and in this way we are jailed in letters … lines … stanzas

we live loving each other in secret from two different worlds.

Beatriz Copello is a former member of NSW Writers Centre Management Committee. She writes poetry, reviews, fiction and plays. Her latest poetry collection is Witches Women and Words (Ginninderra Press, 2022). Copello’s poetry and criticism has been published in literary journals such as Southerly, Australian Women’s Book Review and in many other print and online publications. She has read her poetry at events organised by the Sydney Writers Festival, the NSW Writers Centre, the Multicultural Arts Alliance, Refugee Week Committee, Humboldt University (US), Ubud Writers Festival and various events in Spain, Italy and Argentina. She has been included in the 50 ‘most notable’ people graduated from the University of Technology, Sydney.

Translation by Beatriz Copello.

By Beatriz Copello

Issue 2 | Spring 2022

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